10 Interesting Features Of Flammable Storage Cabinets


When it comes to handling or storing flammable items or liquids, you probably imagine that extra care is required as well as specially designed devices which can offer more protection. For example, flammable storage cabinets are designed with safety and security in mind and they are perfect for storing different types of liquids which are flammable or extremely dangerous. If you haven’t used these products yet, here are just a couple of features of flammable storage cabinets.

Flammable storage cabinets feature double-walls made from 18-gauge steel

No compromise is made when it comes to the materials from which flammable storage cabinets are manufactured. In most cases, these storage cabinets feature a double wall which is made from 18-gauge steel in order to resist a lot of wear and tear and high temperatures, in the case the flammable liquids catch fire. Also, flammable storage cabinets are specially designed to last for a lifetime and they require little to no maintenance. As a result, your employees are protected as well as other materials and goods you might have in your company.

The shelves of flammable storage cabinets can support 350lbs or even more

Another excellent advantage of flammable storage cabinets is the simple fact that they can sustain a lot of weight. Most storage cabinets can easily support 350lbs, but if it is necessary you can find on the market flammable storage cabinets which can support more than that. Additionally, you might be happy to know that the shelves of these storage cabinets are fully adjustable, giving you a lot of flexibility and freedom when storing your flammable liquids and items.

The shelves of flammable storage cabinets are sloped in order to direct spills away

In some unfortunate cases, containers which hold flammable liquids might crack and spill. In order to prevent the flammable liquids from spreading all over the place, the flammable storage cabinets feature shelves which are sloped in order to direct the spills away from containers.

Flammable storage cabinets can feature adjustable legs for increased safety

In a similar fashion, sometimes the flammable storage cabinets might be stored outdoors, on uneven surfaces. Luckily, the legs of most flammable storage cabinets can be adjusted in order to keep the containers inside them balanced and stable. Adjusting the legs of flammable storage cabinets is a piece of cake and it might prevent a lot of accidents and dangers.

Some flammable storage cabinets feature self-closing doors

These doors can close automatically if the temperature reaches 165 degree Fahrenheit and this feature can protect your employees as well as other items in your warehouse or company. Obviously, not all flammable storage cabinets are equipped with this feature, but if safety is your top priority then you should look on the market for such cabinets.

Flammable storage cabinets are available in a multitude of finishes

These devices are finished in various colors, most popular being red and yellow. However, these colors are not only for aesthetic purposes. They make the flammable storage cabinets easier to clean and more resistant to wear and tear. The paint doesn’t contain lead and it is specially designed for maximum chemical resistance. Additionally, yellow safety cabinets are more suitable for aerosols, flammable liquids and gasoline while red safety cabinets are more suitable for class 3 combustibles, inks and paints.

Some flammable storage cabinets can be equipped with vents

Certain flammable storage cabinets are equipped with vents in order to ensure proper air circulation. If the flammable items or liquids you want to store require proper ventilation then you should look for these types of flammable storage cabinets on the market.

All flammable storage cabinets are equipped with large warning labels

These labels are very important as they can inform others that these storage cabinets contain flammable liquids and as a result, the likelihood of accidents is minimized. Additionally, you might be happy to know that the warning labels are highly reflective and visible during power outage or low-light conditions.

All flammable storage cabinets are equipped with leak-proof sills

Usually, the sill is 2 inches deep and it is perfect for capturing spills if they occur. All flammable storage cabinets, regardless of their size are equipped with this safety device which can be very useful in emergency situations.

Flammable storage cabinets feature a 3-point key lock

In order to prevent unauthorized personnel from opening the flammable storage cabinets, these devices are equipped with 3-point, self-latching locks with a double key set. This makes the flammable storage cabinets very safe, regardless of where they are deposited.

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