7 Basic Rules That Will Keep You Safe When Storing Highly Flammable Liquids

There are a set of basic rules that you need to know before you start handling highly flammable liquids in your work area. These are actually the only guidelines that are meant to ensure you don’t end up as another statistic in a work related hazards report. Here are seven of the most important ones that are aimed at keeping you safe as you work.

Understand the rules

This is really obvious. There is always a set of regulations meant for people handling a particular class of highly flammable liquids. These regulations will enable you to fully understand the implications of what you have in your possession and how best you can store and even use it without breaking the laws or burning up your workplace. Carry out all the necessary research, especially in the legal sense in order to establish and national rules and regulations associated with liquid in question.

Know what you’re storing


If you do not have adequate information about the liquid in your storage, you may not be able to meet its safety requirements. This means that you will always be in danger as you are likely to go about your business without making the required considerations. Find out as much as you can about that particular flammable liquid before you even start handling it. This will ensure that you are adequately prepared to handle it safely.

Conduct a risk assessment

Simply knowing that it is a highly flammable liquid is not enough. You will always need more information about how much risk you are in when storing that liquid. You need to understand how the liquid is being used and what possible situations can occur, as well as how your employees can escape in such situations. A risk assessment will allow you to come up with the right safety and mitigation strategies for you and your employees.

Put them away

Highly flammable liquids are sensitive to high temperatures. This means that you will have to always keep them as far away from sources of heat as possible. This means you cannot even expose them to sunlight or machinery that heats up. Preferably, keep these liquids, even away from people since they tend to make small but very bad mistakes.

Don’t have more than you need

Handling highly flammable liquids in large quantities is not advisable under any circumstances. This means that you will have to ensure that most of the liquid stays in storage at all times. Only release what is needed at a particular time and get more when it’s finished.

Empty and safe doesn’t mean the same thing

Empty containers are not necessarily safe. They contain fumes and some drops of the highly flammable liquid. This means you cannot neglect a container on the assumption that is empty. Keep these containers in the same safety cabinets until you can dispose of them safely.

Use the right storage cabinet

Well, you cannot just keep a highly flammable liquid in any storage cabinet, right? Make sure you get a good quality storage cabinet that will be specifically for the highly flammable liquids. Also, avoid pairing these liquids with corrosives or acids. Generally, keep them away from everything else in order to be safe.

So, before you start using highly flammable liquids, you’ll have to carry out some research on cabinets for storing flammable and dangerous goods. And before you acquire one, holding highly flammable liquids will be a major risk for you and your employees. You may want to appreciate how dangerous, highly flammable liquids can be, and how unforgiving a fire will be if you do not take all the required precautions here.