7 Important Aspects To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A Pallet Inverter


As you probably have guessed, a pallet inverter is a special type of machine used in various applications in order to rotate large stacks of pallets with minimal effort and in a very short amount of time. However, there are many types of pallet inverters on the market these days and not all of them might be suitable for your business. In order to make a great decision when shopping for pallet inverters then make sure that you acknowledge the following aspects.

Consider the size of the table

The table is basically the floor on which pallets will be placed. It can have different sizes, but in most cases you will find a table size of 50″x50″. However, some pallet inverters have a floor-entry loading table which has a size of 48″x52″. If your business requires a larger table then you can also find pallet inverters with tables of 52″x52″.

Pallet inverters are powered by different motors

In a similar fashion, pallet inverters can be powered by motors which feature a certain amount of horsepower. For example, most pallet inverters have a 5HP, 6HP or even 7HP motor which allows them to rotate the pallets quickly. Make sure that you assess your needs and also take into account the energy efficiency aspect when choosing the motor for your pallet inverter.

Pallet inverters can have different loading capacities

If you are going to work with large stacks of pallets then it would probably be better for you to go for a pallet inverter which has a larger capacity. For example, some pallet inverters can handle approximately 4,400lbs at once at an adjustable operating pressure of up to 2,000 psi. On the other hand, if your budget is a little bit smaller then you might want to go for a pallet inverter with a capacity of 3,300 lbs. Make sure that you assess the needs of your business and you will definitely make a great decision.

Pallet inverters can be controlled in different ways

The control options of a pallet inverter are varied, allowing you to easily handle this machine in order to get the desired results. For example, all pallet inverters come with standard push-button controls. Other pallet inverters can be operated using a console. If it is required, certain pallet inverters can also be operated wirelessly from a distance. Lastly, some types of pallet inverters can be operated using simple levers.

The last types of pallet inverters are more affordable, but if your budget is generous then you might want to go for pallet inverters which can be controlled remotely in order to increase the productivity of your business. Additionally, you might be happy to know that certain pallet inverters are equipped with generous touch screen displays which make accessing the functions of the pallet inverter look like a child’s play.

Pallet inverters have different rotation times

Usually, pallet inverters which have more powerful motors can rotate a stack of pallets quicker, but this is not true all the times. For example, a 5HP or 6HP motor can rotate a stack of pallets in as low as 17 seconds. Obviously, the rotation times depend on the pallet inverter model and many other factors. However, if saving time is a high priority in your business then you should go for pallet inverters which have small rotation times.

Go for pallet inverters which are approved when it comes to safety

In order to prevent accidents and injuries in your company or warehouse, make sure that you go for pallet inverters which are UL Certified. These pallet inverters have been rigorously tested and they are safe to use in warehouse, companies, factories and similar places.

Pallet inverters can have one, two or even three clamping plates

A clamping plate is basically a solid surface that presses the pallets on the floor or on the side, holding them together tightly while they are being rotated. Obviously, pallet inverters can have one or more clamping plates. For example, you might want a pallet inverter with 2 clamping plates if you want to handle products which are very tall or very short. Similarly, certain pallet inverters which have 3 clamping plates are also equipped with pressure sensors which are very helpful when rotating materials that are more sensitive.

You have a choice of color when buying pallet inverters

These products are finished in various colors and they are specially treated for safety and durability. For example, you can choose from red, yellow, blue or green as colors for your pallet inverter. These colors will make the pallet inverters easily noticeable in your warehouse.

Now you have a better understanding about pallet inverters and you will be able to make a better decision. Also, feel free to contact us if you require professional assistance in choosing the best and most suitable pallet inverters for your business.