A Quick Guide To The Different Types Of Pallet Dispensers

Today, many modern pallet dispensers are generally designed for robotic applications that require accurate positioning, fast cycle times as well as constant and reliable operation. Pallet dispensers can often handle common pallet sizes that include 48″x48″, 42″x48″ and 40″x48″ with relative ease. Modern pallet dispenser systems can also be designed to provide business owners the choice of a one-size or universal pallet that is able to accommodate a wide range of pallet sizes automatically.

In today’s market, you will discover that many pallet inverters come well-equipped with high stack safety panels. This means you have no problems handling various pallet capacities during day-to-day operations. You can also choose from different control platforms that range from basic terminal strips to other types of programmable logic controller (PLC) systems. The heavy duty construction of the dispensers also cut down on unnecessary maintenances through the years and they are very easy to operate. Lastly, you can even request for custom designs when procuring for unique applications.

The risks of handling pallets manually

Safety is always a concern in industry environments and pallets may pose a risk to workers when they handle the aforementioned by hand. Soft tissue injuries are one of the most common injuries that are also associated with pallet geometry and weight. Pallets may also catch on nails that are exposed, which can happen when a worker attempts to slide them from a stack. Other potential risks include slivers, cuts as well as loud noises when pallets drop.

Why use pallet dispensers?


Just like any other product that is made for industrial applications, pallet dispensers come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit the unique needs of their potential users. However, the aforementioned are classified into three main categories of designs; many modern factories use these to help facilitate their pallet loading processes.

One of the main advantages of utilizing pallet dispensers makes sure that worker and employees alike do not have to pick pallets manually one at a time. Also, the pallets can be positioned in a quick manner to cut down on the time taken for loading. When loading times are faster, it means the company can increase their production levels much faster and in turn reap more profits in the long run.

Pallet dispensers are part and parcel of today’s palletizing systems that ensure pallets are always ready for use, even without human supervision. When the dispenser is prompted, it isolates a pallet from the stack onto a conveyor belt and the relevant department can proceed to place goods for further transportation.

Standard dispensers

Firstly, we shall start with standard pallet dispensers. They are naturally a mainstay in everyday operations in an industry and possess a very basic design. One of its main benefits is that it helps reduce and eliminate the need for loading up individual pallets. You can insert a stack of pallets into the dispenser with the aid of a forklift. You can also use a sweep chain to move the bottom pallet from the stack and release it for reloading purposes.

Enhanced dispensers

Just like standard pallet dispensers, you can load a stack of pallets into an enhanced pallet dispenser with a forklift. When you need to retrieve a pallet, you can take advantage of the pallet supports and lift arms to lift the stack of pallets off the bottom most pallet. The pallet below should always remain in the dispenser. Once you got hold of a pallet you need, you can lower the stack and the process can be repeated when necessary. The aforementioned is beneficial as it pallet noise and wear is significantly reduced.

Auto load dispensers

This type of pallet dispenser contains auto load functions that cuts down the initial amount of handling that pallets must undergo in a factory setting. In fact, you won’t need to operate a forklift to load pallets into a stack; the dispenser does that for you automatically. Simply put, you can set the auto load dispenser to release pallets one at a time and at a comfortable pace during loading processes.

What you should know

All in all, acquiring the right equipment to help alleviate any physical stress that your workers may potentially come into contact with is absolutely essential. Other than helping them avoid back injuries, you may save your company from facing legal issues that pertain to workplace safety. Whether you need to stack or dispense rental, export, metal, aluminium, plastic or wood pallets, we got your business covered in multiple angles for a total piece of mind.

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