A Simple Guide On How To Install A Pallet Inverter

You must have seen a pallet inverter before and you probably want to have one in your factory. It is a machine used to turn over pallets as they are been loaded. Although the reasons for turning over pallets are varied, the main one is to replace inappropriate or broken pallet without unstacking the entire load.

Pallet inverters are also used in covering machines that cover machines palletised loads through 90 degrees. They are excellent tools to perform a variety of tasks in many industries and they simplify work for the staff. The design of inverter pallets facilitates the lifting of any palletized load and this allows the load to be flipped over vertically. It is therefore important to know how to install the machine. Here is a guide on how to go about:


• Before the installation of a pallet inverter, it is important that you check any local codes and ordinances that are applicable in your locality. If there are any permits, you should get them. It is your responsibility to do so.

• Ensure that you read all the instructions carefully and if there are any warnings, read and understand them.

• It is important for the inverter to be stored indoors before its installation. If it has to be stored outdoors for more than a month before being installed, take care of it to prevent condensation inside the unit. You can remove the protective shipping wrap or place a heater inside the unit to minimize condensation in case of outdoor storage. Once it starts operating it will generate its own heat to prevent its condensation.


Positioning the lift

• The first step is to remove the shipping machine and unskid the inverter.

• Move the machine to its right position supporting it with a base frame.

• Ensure that the machine is mounted on a firm level and insert shims to level if need be.

• The next step is to adjust the clamping pressure to the pressure load which is desired. Do this using the adjustable pressure knob which is on the side of the inverter.

Electrical connections

• A machine which has a 115 volt power must have a designated outlet and a breaker which is of at least 30 AMP service. You should consult the customer service for any performance concerns.

• To have optimum electrical efficiency, please use the AC and DC conductors which are short.

• The ambient temperature should be between -40 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius.

• Leave a distance of 18 inches behind the machine for cooling effect.

• Do not install the machine near people or animals.

• Install the machine in an accessible location following the local codes.

• There should be a distance of 12 inches above the machine for ventilation.

• If you are installing the machine in a utility vault, ensure that the air circulation is sufficient.

• If a machine is designed for a Three Phase Ac, the pump and the motor should be turning in the same direction. Ensure that they are.

• The moment you press the up or down buttons, the machine should immediately start to move quickly.

If it doesn’t move within the first three seconds, do not try to operate it. Do an exchange of any of the three phase leads. If it does not work at all, contact the customer care.


• Ensure that the hydraulic oil tank is full. Check the level. With the inverter in a lowered position, its tank should be full. If it’s not, fill it up.

• Make sure that the area around the area is clear. Remove any material such as loose wires or lumber that may prevent the machine from operating well.

• Ensure that the machine operates within its full range of travel. It should smoothly rise at the same time producing a quiet humming sound and then lower smoothly afterwards quietly.

• Check the clearances around the lift table by raising and lowering the lift.

Complete Installation

Test the machine with the load that is rated for. If it does not move and there is a loud noise coming from it, the pressure lifts valve may not be operating. Contact the customer care for instructions on how to fix it. If you follow the simple guide, you will be able to install your pallet inverter with ease. Do not skip any step and if you require more instructions, don’t hesitate to call the customer care where you purchased it.
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