Find Out What Types Of Industries Need Pallet Inverters!

Basically, pallet inverters can be used for a variety of purposes and it is a versatile tool that offer its users a range of benefits when moving goods around or to adhere to proper stock control procedures. Pallet inverters are also great tools to perform many tasks in industry, simplifying work flow for all staff. The actual purpose and core design of a pallet inverter facilitates the lifting of a palletized load, allowing the pallet to be flipped over vertically and its topmost items are now at the bottom.

There are several reasons why some people want to do this. For instance, some people need to prevent powder contents in packaging from clumping or settling. Also, there are some items that need to be used first to avoid unnecessary wastage. Read on to find out more on pallet inverters and how they are used in various industries today.

These inverters provide users easy load transfer from wood pallet to rental pallet, slip sheet or plastic pallet. They are simple to use items and can be operated by a single individual. The methods are straightforward and the inversion is simply executed in a number of logical steps.

First, you need to load the pallet onto the forks located in front of the machine, then a single touch control activates a powerful gas lift to raise the load off the ground. Once raised, the load can be rotated through 19 degrees. When it is rotated, the load can then be pivoted 180 degrees on its axis. Once pivoted, the load is lowered cautiously onto a new pallet; the load will now be inverted from its initial position.

Main types of entities that utilize pallet inverter


As mentioned, certain loads that are large in nature need to be turned 180 degrees from its original position and some companies are required to do so. There are also some companies that need to be cautious to prevent busted pallets from entering their material handling systems. Broken or damaged pallets may cause delays and obstruct work flow. Broken pallets become especially dangerous in warehouses that have high bays.

The third type of entity includes companies that need to shift incoming goods from their default wooden pallets to more hygienic options such as plastic pallets to be used in production areas. Lastly, there are companies that need to remove or recover broken pallets as well as damaged goods from the bottom of a palletized load on a regular basis. Pallet inverters are utilized to ensure potential messes do not spread throughout the storage area or warehouse like product spills.

What are the specific industries that require pallet inverters?

As mentioned above, those are the types of companies that need to use pallet inverters regularly or periodically, depending on the task at hand. Below is a list of specific industries that require the use of pallet inverters:

• Perishables such as bananas are often inverted after they have ripen to be able to look better on the shelves of grocery stores

• Vineyards often need to invert wine bottles to store them for the long-term, especially after the cork has expanded into the necks of the bottles

• Industries that make MDF boards as well as other laminated products

• Printers or machines that need to print on both sides of multiple sheets of paper

• Concrete sections that need to be turned to facilitate removal of steel moulding

• Cheese makers require pallet inverters during their products’ maturation process

• Industries that manufacture or store pharmaceutical products

• Food and beverage industry

In modern times, a business or industry has to be flexible and must have the means to be able to react in a timely manner to daily workplace demands for operational efficiency. Requisite tools such as pallet inverters should be made available to your staff to help speed up work processes. Although not all pallet inverters are one-size-fits-all, you may request for a bespoke service for a pallet inverter to be modified to suit your unique requirements.


Today, pallet inverters have outgrown on what they have to offer to companies and industries that need them. This is made possible to modern and unique engineering processes as well as high quality manufacturing. Pallet inverters are a welcomes addition to any stock house environment or docking area. This equipment also gives owners a higher return on investment as they allow for improved working environments for your staff. Pallet inverters speed up the material handling process and reduce wear and tear on your human employees, maintaining efficiency and effectiveness at all times.

At Optimum Handling Solutions, we offer pallet inverters that are versatile enough to handle goods from biscuits and yoghurt to cement and bottles of wine. Some inverters come with a single clamping plate that can handle loads that weigh up to 2 tonnes. Contact us today to find out more details for making your orders.