How To Lift Your Business And Improve Bottom Line With Optimum Handling Solutions

Raising or lowering with scissor lifts is, in many cases, very critical. These are often used type of equipment for material handling across different industries. Scissor lifts are designed to help in industrial ergonomics and are powered by either an electric or manual process. The design of a hydraulic scissor lift is an indispensable technology that has withstood the test of time.

Scissor lift tables come in various configurations and capacities that are evenly distributed from 400 lbs. to large capacities of 100,000 lbs. The top platform of the stacking lift leveller ought not to be cantilever to keep all loads within the perimeter of the top deck. The load should be uniformly distributed and not exceed the capacity of the hydraulic lift table as quoted in its deck size.

At Optimum Group, you can find the widest variety of powerful and long lasting hydraulic scissor lifts including portable and stationary units to fit various lifting applications.

Numerous scissor lift table configurations

Scissor lift tables from Optimum Handling Solutions are strong and dependable machines. Thousands of people are using them throughout the country for machine feeding, pallet loading, order picking, work positioning, assembly, as well as a wide array of other applications. The dependability of our machines has made more and more people to rely on us and give us more business. We have thus gradually grown over the years to become the leading scissor lift supplier in the country and beyond.

We have the largest inventory of lift models, broadest product line, the most flexible array of modifications to give you choice, as well as highly skilled and experienced designers to work on your special and personalised orders. We have thousands of configurations of material lifting equipment so you can be sure to get a lifting tool that best suits any of your specific or generic applications.

Reliable material handling solutions

Optimum Handling Solutions provides the widest collection of lift table capacities, styles and configurations. We have rugged and absolutely dependable lifting tools that are manually and electric powered lift tables to suit your specific needs. Our customers agree that we deliver the highest quality, longest lasting and the most diverse scissor lift tables. Hydraulic scissor lift tables are among our most popular as well as efficient industrial lift, offering years of stress-free, and reliable operation to our customers.

Safety first


We understand the need for safety at the workplace. This is why all scissor lifts from Optimum are fitted with safety pawls. The safety pawls act as mechanical locks to prevent lift tables from lowering. It is crucial to always use safety pawls when servicing or doing maintenance on lift tables. Also, when you buy scissor lift tables and other material handling equipment from Optimum, you can trust that you’re buying the best quality there is, and with numerous safety features included. All Optimum scissor lifts and other equipment comply with national and regional requirements and applicable directives to eliminate any exposure to litigation.

Purely customer oriented

As always, customer satisfaction comes first. Everyone at Optimum Handling Solutions has a passion to meet and actually surpass customer expectations. We rigorously grill all our employees for this passion before hiring them and you can trust that everyone you will interact with on our behalf is friendly and a true professional looking to do justice to your time, money and trust in us.

From our contact centre representatives, sales people, to our designers, technicians and managers. We are truly customer oriented and it is in this regard that apart from the standard products that we offer, we also routinely create customized modified products that suit your special requirements. We can thus deliver scissor lift tables either as the standard lift tables or as bespoke lift tables that are specially made to order and for specific purposes.

All scissor lift tables under one roof

There are four different categories of scissor lift tables. These are: double horizontal lift tables, double vertical lift tables, single scissor lift tables and super low lift tables. A double horizontal lifting table is mostly used in lifting long material. A super low lifting table is best suited in the business of loading and offloading with pallet trucks. A double vertical lifting table comes in very handy for heavy as well as very high lifts.

Optimum Handling Solutions stocks all kinds of scissor lift tables so you can have the best suited ergonomics equipment for your workplace. Also, we possess far-reaching and industry specific knowledge as well as manufacturer networks in Australia and the rest of the world. Thus, if you’re searching for any kind of hydraulic scissor lift table, or virtually any type of material handling equipment, take advantage of the Optimum Group expertise to get the right material handling solutions that you’re looking for without hassle!