How Useful Are Shipping Containers When Storing Dangerous Goods?

Dangerous goods are generally identified as articles or substances that pose a risk to the environment, property and people due to their contents as well as physical property. They are also typically classified with reference to their instant risks. Some common examples of widely used dangerous goods include petrol, pesticides, acids, paints and LPG.

Incidents that involve either of the aforementioned have resulted in explosions or fires, and possess the potential of causing damages to the environment and surrounding properties. If dangerous goods are mishandled or used with unsafe procedures, it may also result in cases of poisoning, chemical burns and other adverse health issues.


Hazardous substances

Dangerous goods are not to be confused with hazardous substances. The latter substances are those that have adverse effects on one’s health after a worker is exposed to the aforementioned. Some examples of hazardous substances include poisons or any other substances that cause burns or irritation to the skin and eye. Some of these hazardous substances have also known to cause cancer. Some hazardous substances, on the other hand, are so dire that they are classified under dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods in industrial settings

It is no surprise that dangerous goods are widely utilized in different industrial settings. Therefore, there is utmost importance on the proper storage of such goods, and they must be handled and transported safely to prevent potential or further harm to human life as well as wildlife. Transporting dangerous goods is no easy task as it is unlike other conventional types of cargo.

Due to their volatility, governments from all around the world have set in place certain regulations to oversee the handling, transportation and storage of these kinds of goods. In this case, shipping containers are commonly used for this task as they are able to offer adequate protection to the goods that reside within them, thus protecting the environment from the aforementioned. Read on to find out more on the usefulness of shipping containers when it comes to storing dangerous goods.

Able to be used repeatedly

Shipping containers can be converted and refurbished back into a normal shipping container after the dangerous goods are removed from storage. Once the dangerous goods are out, they can be used for other purposes that the company requires. Because it is reusable, you do not have to keep buying a new shipping container each time you need to secure storage for dangerous goods.

Facilitate easy transportation

The transportation of containerised goods around the world is very easy. Companies need to express their thanks to the extensive amount of infrastructure that is made available for the handling and carrying shipping containers. Furthermore, shipping containers containing dangerous goods do not require much special equipment; rather they are just regular containers that have a few modifications. Simply put, shipping containers allow easy intermodal transportation as they are suited for both sea and land transport.

Strength and ease-of-modification

Shipping containers are typically very strong as they are required to withstand the elements, forces of nature as well as rough handling during storage or transit. Hence, it would be logical to use such containers to store highly sensitive cargo due to their proven ruggedness. These containers also provide protection for dangerous goods against the various elements that will be encountered when navigating through adverse weather conditions, pilferage, and sea water and potential damages from knock and shakes. As mentioned, modifying the containers is relatively easy compared to constructing and designing of a brand new container for a particular job.

Storing in limited quantities

However, avoidance of using shipping containers could prove to be more economical if you are storing dangerous goods in limited quantities. If your company has drums that can properly store the aforementioned, then you will only need to get either an outdoor drum dangerous goods store or a large safety cabinet. The former is ideal for safe, immediate and efficient storage of small to large quantities of dangerous goods. With this, you can avoid further problems or expenses that are associated with the construction of permanent stores.

If you need to deal with higher storage volumes, large capacity safety cabinets are ideal solutions as they are user-friendly and space efficient. With their superior design and compliance to traditional methods, they can incorporate storage configurations that are highly flexible for flammable liquids too.


In conclusion, failure to store dangerous goods or comply with Australia’s safety standards that govern the storage of the aforementioned may land your company in legal trouble. Today, many storage options for dangerous goods are widely affordable and they provide flexible solutions that can cater to various industry requirements. You may need to seek the assistance of a storage specialist to determine what type of storage products to go for.

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