Scissor Lift Tables: The Essential Basics You Need To Know

This is a special equipment that has specific responsibilities. There is a specialized type of aerial lifts which are constructed to lift heavy loads while providing more work space. They are a must have when it comes to a working scenario where loads are supposed to be transported immediately they are packaged. They have been known to reduce the workload by a huge percentage, but scissor lift tables offer more than that. They offer reliability due to the fact that they cannot succumb to fatigue like normal human beings. For industrial work that requires a number of workers to be situated d at the same platform at the same time a scissor lift is quite a necessity.

They can be powered by gas or electricity. The diesel power scissor lifts are the hardiest types. They are built for the tough terrain and they are capable of performing intense lifting tasks. They are better off being used outdoors because of their build that is if you want them to perform their tasks to the maximum. The electrical scissor types run with minimal noise and they do not emit any gases in particular. They are best suited for indoor activities such as warehouse works.

Choosing scissor lift tables


The most important consideration you should take when choosing a scissor lift is the height you want it to reach. The effectiveness of a scissor lift table is the load it can support and the height it can reach at its best. The lifting capacity is something you should consider if you want to purchase a scissor lift table because they come with limits. A scissor lift can only handle the load it is assigned to accommodate. When you overload a scissor lift table there might be damages or even the complete collapse of the piece of equipment. This might even lead to fatal injuries.

Most scissor lift tables are capable of only going up and down while in an upright posture, but there are many newer models that give you the luxury of shifting their platform horizontally by just a few feet. Others even have the capability of allowing you to drive the machine while the platform is still being raised that’s if you want to supply various objects to various locations at the same time. The following are the different types of scissor lift tables:

Airbag lifts

Air actuated scissor tables offer you the chance of operating long lasting and secure lifting options. The lifts are built to work with the objects that need pneumatic operations rather than hydraulic operation. They are basically used while handling sensitive objects such as ex0losion proof objects. They are also used in environmentally sensitive locations. They are powered by some really tough and heavy duty air bag actuators. These actuators are usually connected to the host’s air system.

These types of scissor lift table are used in an array of applications. They are used to enhance efficiency in industrial work by improving staff or crew ergonomics and enhancing plant efficiency. They make work easier for its users. These types of scissor lift tables act as durable and low maintenance, portable solutions to any individuals lifting issues. They are usually purchased in standard editions, but can be modified to meet your specific needs.

Double scissor lift tables

They are usually hydraulic scissor lifts. They have double pantographs. They provide the most stable and cost effective method of lifting heavy loads. Their versatility is usually enhanced by the fact that they have double scissors. They make the lifting process much easier and less hectic. They have very efficient vertical travel capabilities and they maintain the lowest footprint possible. These types of scissor lift tables have the best systems designed for the operation of many load oriented jobs.

They are usually designed to perform semi difficult tasks. This does not mean that they are suitable to be used outdoors, they still remain suitable for indoors, but they are tougher than the other types of indoor scissor lift tables. They have various areas that they can come in handy, such as pallet build up and the breakdown of vertical stacks. They can also perform the task of floor to floor movement of loads that have rollers or are wheeled.

Ground level lifts

They offer almost zero lowered height type of lifting loads. These scissor lift tables are basically traditional. They are capable of reaching very low distances and they are still effective nowadays. The basic trigonometry of these particular scissor lift tables gives them the ability to perform their task without you having to dig a pit necessarily. They also improve worker ergonomics by a long mile and with that they increase an industry’s efficiency. They lower loads smoothly and are among the most convenient scissor tables to date.

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