3 Reasons Why Handling Your Pallets Carefully Can Save You Much Money

Pallets are usually taken for granted, that is until you have to replace them due to loss or damage. This is when you realize how expensive they are and how much they are costing your business, especially if they keep breaking or disappearing frequently. In order to make the most out of your pallets, there is always a need to conduct some regular maintenance checks that could in the end save you a great deal. If you get to handle these pallets carefully, you will be protecting more than just the pallets. Here’s why.

A damaged pallet implies damaged goods


Most pallets get damaged while transporting goods. This means that there are chances that the damage was also inflicted on the goods that were on that particular pallet. You may have also noticed that most of the damage occurs during manual handling of the pallets. This is when they can be dropped or put down forcefully or even stacked wrongly, thus causing them to fall and break. In order to avoid this, it is a considerably good idea to use a pallet dispenser that acts with precision and caution.

And if you notice a stack that had a damaged pallet, you will have to find a way to get replace it before the stack is lifted as this too could result in damaging your goods. A flexible and effective solution for this would be the pallet inverter, as it can turn the stack around to let you remove the damaged pallet without having to unstuck the others. Here, you will have saved your time and your goods from being damaged.

Broken or chipped pallets are a safety hazard

If you are using pallets that are made of wood, breaking would imply dropping the goods on an employee’s feet or on another employee around the work area. This means that you are likely to register occupational hazards in your establishment. Also, chipped pieces of the pallet could get into someone’s eye and affect their vision, making them a safety hazard as well. With so many people moving around carrying heavy loads, you will not want someone who cannot see clearly roaming around.

If you get to inspect your pallets, you will be able to see any faults that need to be addressed. This means you’ll get to capture the cracks and chips before they harm someone. And if you are already using pallet dispensers, you will still be preventing an accident considering that the pallet could break while the dispenser is tacking up the pallets. This could result in some significant losses in terms of the goods that will be dropped. Not to mention possible physical injury on anyone around that area at the time.

Maintenance is easier than replacement

Once you identify a pallet that has been damaged, it is often a cheaper course to have it repaired before it gets to break. This is because if it breaks, it is likely to hurt people and damage goods. You can only be able to find the faults in your pallets if you inspect them regularly. This is actually the most effective preventative course of action, especially if you are dealing with wooden pallets. The cracks should be easy to identify and a good repair will get them back in action soon. If you wait for them to break, however, your safest choice will be to buy new ones. And this is always costly for the business.

Handling pallets carefully entail using pallet dispensers to prevent damage, removing the faulty ones to avoid injuries and repairing them before they get to break on someone’s head. This means that you have to conduct frequent inspections and possibly buy a pallet inverter for removing the faulty ones easily. Or you could simply find a pallet inverter rental in Brisbane and Sydney and still get to save a lot of money.