High-Speed Pallet Dispensers Are The Best For Efficient Productivity

Companies deal with a number of pallet handling problems. As a result, they end up being less efficient when it comes to production. High productivity is the goal of many organizations as it determines returns to both the company and its shareholders. If production levels drop significantly due to pallet handling problems, chances of making a loss increase. Fortunately, the problem can be fixed by making a replacement for the pallet dispenser. In particular, ground-level pallet dispensers prove worthy of investment in critical times.

No-touch feature

With a high-speed ground-level pallet dispenser, you can expect more efficiency because of the no-touch feature. It all depends on daily workload. You can either opt for a pallets dispenser that can hold up to 40 pallets or one that holds up to 90 pallets. The no-touch feature simply guarantees easy operation as the pallets are automatically delivered to the ground in the shortest time. Since the unit is automatic, it allows easy access to a pickup operator. The pickup operator collects the pallets from the ground using a pallet truck or any other means. As he moves away from the pallet dispenser, its sensors detect pallet removal and prepare for another delivery.

Minimized downtime

Pallet Dispensers

Downtime occurs due to machine failure. To minimize downtime, efficient pallet dispensers have sensing devices for quick disconnection, automatic greasers and automatic and self-lubricating pads among others. These features are important because many warehouses and distribution facilities lack access to maintenance tools. For a fact, all types of pallet dispensers jam at some point and cause downtime. Alignment of the pallet stack as they are being loaded to the machine goes a long way to reduce downtime. The alignment process is repeated when the pallet stacks are being lowered.

Machine space

Machine size is one of the primary concerns that must be considered when looking for efficient pallet dispensers. Every inch of the floor where the machine is installed and where the products are loaded (during operation) is important. Three factors usually come in to play when determining the ideal space for the equipment. These factors include number of pallets being picked, facility size and compatibility of a pallet dispenser with picking machinery. More often than not, the pallet drive truck (used to pick pallets) is considered as the standard factor when working on an ideal space for the machine.

Familiarity with machinery

Change is inevitable. In a company, it is important to familiarize operators with new equipment after installation. Even though change is a bit tough, taking an entire shift to train the operators goes a long way to help them have a rough idea of what to do with new machinery. With time, operators will be able to pick up and perform much better. Moreover, training on equipment operation creates self-confidence in a machine that guarantees safety and efficiency. Therefore, managers should ensure that that there is adequate time set aside for training because it will significantly boost productivity in the long run.

Traditional pallet dispensers require a lot of manual work. When there is downtime due to machine failure, productivity is adversely affected. In addition, employee morale goes down when a company lacks efficient means of production. With the new pallet dispenser, the workload is reduced because the machine operates automatically to deliver pallets to the ground. In a competitive world, finding the most efficient tools for production can certainly help to boost productivity. It also boosts employ morale, which helps make operations more effective. Therefore, you can confidently invest in high-speed pallet dispensers that guarantee efficiency in production. Your organization will see significant improvement with the installation of efficient machinery.