Logic Lift Scissor Lifts from Optimum with auto load recognition...

Logic Lift Scissor Lifts from Optimum Handling Solutions with auto load recognition

Optimum Handling Solutions presents Logic Lift scissor lifts, featuring an automatic load height detection system for better efficiency and safety in materials handling applications.

The automatic load recognition system in Logic Lift scissor lifts uses an electric eye to scan the load height and automatically maintain the optimum working height for the operator.

Adjusted to a comfortable working height for each individual operator, the Logic Lift photo eye automatically controls the level of the scissor lift table to keep the pallet layer being stacked constant, eliminating any need for the operator to press control buttons once the stacking is started.

When pallets are being unstacked, the scissor lift table is automatically elevated by the photo eye sensor as each layer is taken off.

Adding the sensor to the Logic Lift scissor lifts has helped increase productivity while reducing operator fatigue by decreasing the effort required. The Logic Lift photo eye sensor can be used in any application that requires scissor lift tables.

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