Optimum Handling Solutions conveyor systems – the efficient solution.

Optimum Handling Solutions conveyor systems – the efficient solution.

Need to turn your materials handling into materials flow?
Need to improve the efficiency of goods receipt, order fulfilment and despatch?

Need assistance in transport, buffering, picking and distribution of goods?

Optimum Handling Solutions has the answer with their conveyor range which facilitates a multitude of functions that can add value to your products while reduce handling costs and worker fatigue in your facility.

Conveyors in manufacturing – Optimum Handling offer you the solutions to aid transport, buffering, picking and distribution of goods throughout the whole manufacturing process.

Conveyors in distribution – Optimum Handling can offer you solutions to improve the efficiency of goods receipt, order fulfilment and despatch


Optimum conveyers are safe and easy – Safety is job one. Optimum handling solutions conveyor system meets the highest standards in reliability and safety with regard to operator safety and working environment.

The smooth designed and constructed surfaces on Optimums conveyors minimises the risk of scratching or tearing the product and the secure guides also prevent items from falling off, allowing for the safe handling of sensitive products.


Optimums conveyors are available as a complete system, components or segments. Whether it be a simple gravity roller conveyor or a more complex powered roller top belt conveyor, Optimums conveyors are available in various widths and heights which make it suited for handling packages, boxes, cartons, bundles, bags and other individual items that require the stable support of a extensive chain.

The Conveyers can be supplied in 3m sections or sections up to 15m which allows simple and effective production line conveying with the additional use of Optimums Scissor lift tables and pallet elevators to create a constant flow when palletising product.

Innovative solutions

Any type of goods movement that is repetitive and performed more than a few times, is worth mechanising – the greater the volume, the greater the advantage you gain by using conveyor solutions.

Competitive business demands cost effective, receptive distribution. Optimum Handling Conveyors solutions can lower costs and greatly improve efficiency.

So getting your products to market on time and at a competitive price is becoming increasingly challenging in manufacturing industry.

Add value by lowering costs, speeding delivery, and offering higher service levels with greater accuracy, providing your customers and suppliers with better control and visibility.

Contact Optimum about our free onsite assessment which allows us to come up with a solution for your industry; Optimum handling solutions want to be your “materials handling one-stop-supplier” who also can guarantee spare parts and after sales service.

Contact Optimum Handling Solutions to discuss your conveyor issues – we have the answer.



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