Site Assessment

Optimum Handling Solutions is offering a free site assessment...

Optimum Handling Solutions is offering a free site assessment to all customers in the manufacturing, processing and warehousing industry.

Employing a true “hands on” approach towards each customer’s individual needs, not only informing you what needs to be done but actually implementing it for you. In the time it takes others to write a 500 page report, we can have the whole job complete and you will already be enjoying your new and safe production facility.

As we all know safety is very simple…but simple doesn’t always mean easy, so let one of Optimum’s experienced staff provide you with what it takes to apply safer and more efficient handling equipment and techniques to your workplace. Following the site assessment, one of our expert consultants will provide detailed and baby care tips accurate advice in a user friendly format on how your business can achieve a smart system that is designed and implemented to maximise the efficiency and safety of your operations.

The team at Optimum believe the time spent in consultation and discussion with a client is an essential contributor to not only meeting but exceeding your expectations.

Don’t waste another moment or another dollar…


•  Are you putting your employees at risk?
•  Is your workplace a safe environment?
•  Do you want to increase productivity?
•  Do you want to reduce workplace injury and fatigue?
•  Not sure how to solve a manual handling issue?

Call Optimum Handling Solutions today on 1800 066 008 or contact us below to book your Free Site Assessment...